We both took time today to see this movie, so we thought we would give you our thoughts on it. Warning, may contain spoilers

Eggshellwhite:  Look, I was a bit skeptical about this movie to be honest.  I love Micheal Cera, but worry that he is getting type cast (not that I think he can stretch his range much)  but this movie surprised me.  It takes a bit getting used too with all the graphics they throw at you, so for the first 15 minutes I was like in visual overload.  I finally settled down around the part where the main female character (Ramona)  gives us a view of her very nice black undies (how strange is that?).  I sit here and wonder what the production value on this movie is, because the special effects were outstanding.  It was funny which was a plus.  Had a toooooooon of cameos in it as well.   Anytime you can get former super heroes to come and play well…super heroes in your movie (Superman and the Human Torch) is always a plus for us.  Music was great in it, the story was good and yes, Micheal Cera does get the girl.  Which is why we all love him so much.  Look for Cera to star in the next big action film that is coming out.  Cause if he didn’t do his own stunts in this movie, I’d be surprised.   All in all, if you have not movie to see this weekend and were wondering if this was worth it, I say yes it is!

 WhiteGlossy:   A few things come to mind after seeing this movie… #1 Am I f*ing pshycic… because I nailed my Movie before I see it review!?!? #2 If Michael Cera didn’t do his own stunts, then who did?  Is there a stunt guy in Hollywood that little, or was it a stunt girl?  #3 When does the sequel come out, because I’m sold on the in-your-face quasi-comicbook/quasi-videogame style of this movie and I want more.  Super entertaining… and when everything was said and done, I was left wanting more!

One of our great new Facebook friends also brought up a good point… if this movie is going to get the mileage it desperately deserves then one thing needs to happen, get your ass to the theater!!!!  Our observant buddy stated “All of the guys went to The Expendables, and all the girls went to Eat. Pray. Love… leaving only the geeks and undgrounders to see this movie”  Well… you all got your fill of explosions and kissing last weekend, so now go see something great.  If you’re a little high when you see it, maybe even better, but none-the-less still great.

Peace my friends… have a great weekend!!!!!