Did anyone happen to catch SNL last weekend?  Musical guest Cee Lo Green was on.  You know, he is the guy with the catchy tune “Forget You” (or F*ck You) if you are not offended easily.  Look, love the song.  There is nothing better than telling of a cheating bitch by telling her to F-off.  I’m down with that.

I know that we also can’t help the genetic cards we are dealt.  You can’t make yourself taller or shorter (who would want that?) But I’m sorry, is there any dude that is funnier looking then Cee Lo Green?  He looks like he was put together with spare parts.  He is just a little on the weird looking side.  And believe me, I’ve seen some weird looking people.  I’ve been to Omaha.

Either way, kudos to you Cee Lo for realizing that you aren’t going anywhere in life with your looks, so you took your voice (which could also be classified as odd) and became a R&B star.  That is one way to get some trim.  Well played sir..