Things are getting warmer all up in this beeatch…. which means we’re all getting a wicked case of Spring Fever!!!  After years of research and quite simply… pissing people off… we’ve found that an old-fashioned hearty laugh is indeed the best medicine. 

For that desperately needed chuckle, today we are turning our attention to one funny ass site.  Damn You, Auto Correct!

We’ve all been there, quick tap-tap-tap while driving or in the middle of an “important” meeting (nobody thinks your important Carl… quick being such a dick) and what was supposed to say “Hey, lets grab a bite to eat later” ended up reading “F-ck you, next time you’re in the copy room I’m going to rape you”.  I know!!!  Damn auto correct!!!  Always messing things up.  Well, these guys put their brains together and made a website for it.  Absolutely worth your time… and it will sure as hell make the day go by a little faster!  Enjoy (Here are a couple of piss your pants examples):