In a recent interview with the musical performer Soulja Boy talked a little bit about his plans to take over the world… well, the virtual world anyway.

In case you aren’t completely aware of SB’s musical history, he was one of the youngest performers to ever have a No.1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 with his song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)“.  I know, not big new in itself, but his song’s success is in large part due to his incredible savvy with self-promotion.  (According to the WSJ) He used an online music service called SoundClick to kick off his career in High School and then proceeded to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace & YouTube his way to fame & fortune.

So, what ever is a hugely successful self-promoted performer going to do now?  Create his own new social media outlet…. of course.  In the interview with Lee Hawkins of the WSJ, Soulja Boy was asked how he’ll be different enough from the Facebooks of the world to stand out, and not fall into the same traps as those before him (like Jay-Z & 50 Cent).  He said:

I’m considered creating the next-wave social media site — Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube all rolled into one.

With the constantly changing landscape that is the social media world I don’t want to instantly discount anyone… especially a performer who created his own destiny once already. However, I will go cautiously into the next wave of internet hullabaloo.