Remember back when we told you about Star Wars coming to Blu-ray this year? (here)  Well recently at the CES show, it was announced that the movies will hit store shelves in 2011.   You (yes you) will have a chance at three different sets of the movies.  The first set will feature the original trilogy (or holy trilogy as we like to refer to them), the prequel trilogies (I-III), and the whole set.  Frankly, why you (yes you) wouldn’t pick up the whole set of them is beyond us.

The full on set will run you $140 normally, but our good buddies at Amazon are already have a killer sale on them.  You can pre-order the full set right here for $90.   The smaller sets will retail for $70 or $45 via pre-order right now.   So buy now and mark your calendar.

The full set will also include three extra discs that will include over 30 hours of never before seen footage.  Star Wars Boner! (That’s for you Paystee, the saying, not the actual boner).