We’ve all seen articles about the somewhat disturbing full-body scans taking place at airports all over the world… but we admit, that’s pretty much old news now and we’ve all more-or-less gotten over it.  What happens when things become stale?  It’s taken up a notch of course.

Now introducing X-Ray vision for pretty much anyone.  Okay, any government agency that is.  American Science & Engineering, a Massachusetts based technology company, has sold more than 500 units of their “Backscatter X-Ray Scanners” to both US & Foreign government agencies.  What does it do you ask… when mounted to a specially equipped van, this scanner can view the entire contents of nearby vehicles.  Since I have nothing to hide… I think this is pretty bad-ass and would love to see it used at all of our borders.  If I were a Coyote smuggling immigrants across the border… I’d probably take the next 3-4 years and go back to school.  Maybe become a magician?

Filmed and narrated like a bad 70’s instructional video… the video below talks about the cool applications and abilities of the ZBV (Z Backscatter Vans).  Worth a look on this sleepy Monday.


Thanks to Forbes.com for the heads up on this crazy new tech.