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1000th Post Surprise Giveaway

We are so freakin excited about the 1000th Post giveaway we can hardly contain ourselves!!!! It will happen this week (even if we have to fill our site with senseless crap to make it happen!!! (No smartass… “we don’t already do that”).

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1,000th Post Announcment

Ok, we couldn’t hold it any longer (a problem we rarely face normally) so we are just going to announce it now.  Coming next week we will have our 1,00th post.  And as soon as it hits the site,  you can get in on our most...

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1,000 Posts

We’re only around 775, but we are working hard to bring you something fun for the big 1,000th Post!!!! For now we’re going to keep it on the down-low, but we will drop hints… and it will be big!

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