We’re only around 775, but we are working hard to bring you something fun for the big 1,000th Post (which will hit right around the middle of December)!!!!  For now we’re going to keep it on the down-low, but we will drop hints… and it will be big!

“But Why WhiteGlossy?” you may have asked yourself.  Well good friends… because without you reading what we toss out into the world-wide web, and without you sharing it with all of your friends, we’d just be three guys sitting around sending each other funny stories.  You truly do make us possible in every kind of way… and we want to say thank you.

Okay, that’s all for now… but like I mentioned, we’ll toss out little nuggets here and there to help you figure it out and when we get much closer we’ll make sure you in-the-know.  This will not be something you’ll want to miss!