Enjoy the latest Tasty Libation Review by our very own: Crazy Uncle Paystee White

Tin-Cup-ColorTINCUP Whiskey ($30ish) should be called Ten Double D’s Cup because this whiskey is tits.  Smells like mountain whiskey and should only be consumed by men. Men who have beards…..and love titties. Men like me who sincerely do not take the Tin Cup Whiskey generosity for granted by packaging each bottle with an actual tin cup shot glass.  Brilliant.

Upon my in-depth research, reading the bottle, the whiskey originates from the mountains of Colorado. Like John Elway if his sweat consisted of grit and a pregnant mermaid’s tears aged for 18 years. Not some backwoods suck tooth cousin shed in the south like all its competitors. If a law passed where only ten other men could enjoy Tin Cup, I would kill the other 9.

Tin Cup Whiskey and titties, the three best things on Earth.tincup-whiksey-3