You might remember that feel good movie with Jack Nicholsen and Morgan Freeman entitled “The Bucket List“.  Well recently, over a few tasty libations we came up with our own Bucket List, but with a twist on the extreme.


  • F*ck Lady Gaga. Then have Lady Gaga f*ck me.
  • Jump out of a plane.  Jump out of Air Force One.  Jump out of Air Force One with Obama in a headlock.
  • Have sex in a cemetery with somebody who lives there.
  • Dunk in a WNBA game.


  • Survive a shark attack
  • Ride out a tornado/hurricane
  • Eat semi questionable sushi and live to tell about it.
  • Run with the bulls.  Naked.
  • Take a punch from Mike Tyson.


  • Do a line of coke off of a stripper’s ass.
  • Have a knife fight with a bear (and/or mountain lion).
  • Pop rocks and coke.
  • Throw my feces at a gorilla.
  • File a restraining order on someone.