It’s been a week or so since this game came out, and we have finally gotten through it.  Here our are thoughts on TRON: Evolution.The Good:  Graphics are amazing!  The details of this game are great.  Down to distant backgrounds looking good.  You get to drive a light cycle, and even as the game is whizzing by you at a million miles an hour, it still looks awesome. You get to Parkour around the universe you are in like a nimble spider monkey.  Lots of wall running and power jumps.  Not to mention that you get to take bad guys out with a disc.

The Bad:  I know I harp on physics of a game a lot, but when you play a game, you expect it to do what you want it to do most of the time.  The trouble with games like this that require you to wall run and use things to launch yourself off of is that unless you hit it perfect every time, you end up eating crap and dying…whoops sorry derezing….Which happend to me a lot.  Sometimes the camera angle didn’t help you much either.

The Plot:  You are sucked in the computer much like the original TRON movie to do battle in the grid.  CLU goes ape shit and creates some bad guy that you periodically run into along the way.  I’m not quiet sure on this point because I was distracted during a major plot point shortly after the training mission.  But that is the nuts and bolts of it. So if you are playing this game and want to really know what is going on, don’t miss this cut scene.

As you play through the game, you go from place to place much like games such as Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed.  It leans more towards Prince of Persia in this respects because as you make your way through the land, you periodically get to fight evil guys.  What’s good about the fighting?  You get to chuck your bionic frisbee at them.  What’s bad about the fighting?  You have to hit them like a million times.  Along the way, you pick up four different kinds of discs that you can use in battle, with different enemies being affected by the different discs’ powers.  Remembering these isn’t too hard because the game reminds you of what to use.  Another good thing about the game is when you are fighting, there are usually multiple places to refill health (which goes down really fast) and your power “cubes” which are used for more massive disc attacks.  Which you end up using all the time because if not, you end up hitting guys a lot with the disc.

Along the way you level up by beating bad guys and use these points to buy upgrades in the game.  The only problem is that it takes forever to reach new levels, and you don’t get a lot of upgrade points for each new level.   So advancing your character is best done online playing against other users.  And then you can go into the game to kick some real ass.

The online game is much like others, you can jump in and do quick matches against players from across the world.  Online you get the free reign of your light cycle to try to take others out or you can run around and jack people with your disc.  I only played a little bit of online game because I’m not much into playing online at times.

With all that being said, would I recommend this game?  Of course I would.  It is a fun game to play, if you can put up with some of the frustrations of the fighting, strange camera angles and the controls not working the way you think they should.

If I had any parting/final words on the game?  I didn’t hate it.  But I didn’t love it.  But it is for sure worth playing if you like TRON and are looking forward to the movie!