If I could mold the ego’s of Donald Trump with Kanye West, I would Weird Science-like create Konald Wrump.  Eggshell would have the bra on his head. Konald Wrump and I would never stand in line again, I would never let anybody in my presence speak again, I would purchase people, I would send nukes to Canada, I would neuter Bigfoot, bring back dinosaurs, impregnate Lady Gaga with her own dick and take all bandana’s away from Hulk Hogan.

Donald Trump to Be Roasted:
Comedy Central has a new victim to be “roasted” in its ongoing series of specials: Donald Trump. Scheduled to tape in March 2011 with an expected spring debut, “The Donald” will be the subject of a barrage of quick-witted jabs from some of his show business friends. “I’ll show up to the Roast because Comedy Central is paying me a lot of money, but I’m confused as to how anybody could make fun of me,” said Trump.–greatest line I’ve ever heard.

“Donald Trump is a brilliant businessman, who has made the Trump name a worldwide brand,” said Elizabeth Porter, SVP, specials and talent, Comedy Central. “We are so glad he agreed to be Roasted. I’m hoping he buys me a plane.”

Thank you MediaWeek for the heads-up