Here’s a look at what is hitting the big screen this weekend, as well as our little screen.. It’s a big weekend for movie goers.

TRON: Legacy:  Suffice to say we have been a little excitied about this movie over the last few months.  And while we won’t be doing the midnight showing (our spandex light suits are still at the cleaners) this is the movie we have been waiting, oh like 20 years for.  Early buzz is that the movie might not be all that good, but you know what who cares?  It’s TRON!

The Fighter:  This movie is already up for multiple Golden Globe awards.  It stars Mark Wahlberg (in a role he reportadly trained four years for), Christian Bale, and Amy Adams.  The movie centers around the career of boxer  “Irish” Micky Ward.

How Do You Know:  Everyone loves a romantic comedy for the Holidays right?  This one stars Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson.  This film looks into how even when are lives seem to be falling apart, you can still find hope in someoone else as messed up as you.

Yogi Bear 3D:  Hey hey boo-boo!  Dan Aykrod lends his vocal talents as Yogi Bear, while Justin Timberlake steps in to do the voice of Boo-Boo Bear.   You know you have to go check out to see if Yogi really is smarter then the average bear!

And now here is our weekly look at what we are taking in at home via Netflix.


Six Feet Under: Season 1: Disc 2:  Yeah, I’m hooked.  Still having trouble adjusting to Micheal C. Hall in this role, but looking forward to seeing where this one takes me

MacGruber:  There is little to no doubt that this movie probalbly will suck, but I’m going to give it a go.  I liked the skit on SNL.

WhiteGlossy: Blood Diamond (swear I’m getting to this one soon)