The weather cools, the days shorten, and the need to freshen your playlist creeps up and bites you. 

There are a lot of fall albums coming out in the next few months, but we feel we should recommend a couple by two of our favorite artists here at the WGUB. 

Jimmy Eat World:  Invented The Tempe, AZ foursome comes back with their sixth full length album which reunites them with producer Mark Trombino who worked on their much-loved albums Clarity, Static Prevails and Bleed American.  This new album will be more of a throw back to what makes their more popular albums well…so dang popular.  Their most recent album “Chase This Light” came out three years ago and peaked at #5 on the billboard top 200.  Will they be able to top that kind of success by tapping into what got them where they are?  We certainly hope so.  You can check out the first single from the album, “My Best Theory” on Itunes and Amazon, or on the groups homepage here.  Full album out 08/28/10

Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown:  This family affair brings the follow-up to their much successful “Only by The Night“.  Recorded in New York City, this album reflects its settings with a darker feel.  Expect this album to drop on 10/19/2010.  No album art or track list is available.  But we will keep you updated when their first single comes out. If you like the sound of these southern rockers this album shouldn’t disappoint.