Hey… I love all of you crazy WGUBers more than you possibly know, so don’t by-any-means take this personal…. but could today be any more LAME!!!!??????  After 5 days of traveling and family time (Including hangin with Hot Cousin Amy… what?) I just don’t want to do a f’in thing!!!  Except maybe think a little bit more about hot cousin Amy.

And I’m obviously not the only one… aside from Cyber Monday this & Cyber Monday that, the internet is a giant steaming pile of lame-ass shit today!  YAAAWWWNNNN!!!!!  Sorry if we’re a tad on the boring side today as well.  I wonder what the productivity in America is like today?  I bet all of the scientists thought about doing a study on it… then thought “Nahhhh… let’s make a turkey sandwich instead.”  Either way… let’s all just pretend a little longer, then go home and veg-out.  You have our permission to skip all Christmas shopping for one night!  No really, I’ll even send a note if you’d like.

Either way… Peace!