I know, I know… I already wrote my “review” for “The Walking Dead” back on November 2nd (HERE).  However, I really have to say something about this show if you haven’t seen it yet.  You are seriously missing out on television history in the making!!!!!  I haven’t seen a program on the boob-tube with this much intensity, emotion and suspense since “Lost” (Yes… I pulled the “Lost” card).  I’m not saying it’s as good as Lost… that show was simply monumental… but mostly because it’s in a completely different genre all together.  In its own right… “The Walking Dead” is probably one of the best horror shows ever on the small screen (even though I really dug NBC’s incredibly short-lived summer filler “Fear Itself”)… and if I had to group all great shows together, I’d say this is in my top 10, maybe even top 5. 

All-in-all… “The Walking Dead” is the first show in a while that makes me nervous to watch the next one and equally excited for it come on!!!  It’s not just a show about ghoulies that enjoy a little brain food (see what I did there)… it’s mostly a show about the people trying desperately to survive in the new world they’ve found themselves in.  Racism still exists, abusive people are stressed and all willy-nilly with their fists, lies carry more weight than before and leaders are being born.  We HIGHLY recommend going to iTunes and downloading the first 4 episodes you may have missed (Or several other watching options which you can see HERE) so you’re all caught up, then tune-in weekly and hold on for one of the best rides you’ll find  the outside of a theme park.

Here’s a quick peek at Episode #1 if you haven’t seen it yet:

[brightcove vid=653165631001&exp3=83327935001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=196217268&pk=AQ~~,AAAAAAuyCbQ~,-gfAmfm8njJ8S-9E4q2UfzG931rvkxuP&w=456&h=388]