Never before has non-paid-cable TV given me such a scare-boner like the moaning and groaning from AMC’s “The Walking Dead“.  NEVER!  And we are just 2 months away (Oct 16th) from season 2 now people… 2 MONTHS!!!!  I feel a little woozy just thinking about all that intensity.

Late yesterday our friends over at ScreenRant posted 4 new teaser trailers for the upcoming season (see them, and the article, HERE).  Granted, all four are only 10 seconds long (lame)… but they are trailers none-the-less.  But I’ll release a little spoiler for you here.  The best part of all 4 of them is a quote from the Boston Herald on the last trailer stating:

Makes True Blood look like iCarly


That’s f’ing brilliant!

If you haven’t jumped into the heaping piled of brain munching glory that is “The Walking Dead” we highly recommend it!  You can get season 1 on Netflix (discs), buy it on iTunes (HERE), buy it on (HERE), pick it up on Blu-Ray (HERE), or check it out online where I’m sure you can find a freebee… although we strongly recommend against that.  Just pay for it people!  It’s worth it.