Microsoft announced today that their much-anticipated (too much?) Xbox TV will launch by the holiday season.

Microsoft is posed to try to do what Apple, Google, and Sony all tried and failed.  To become relevent in the streaming media arena.   Frankly, if there is a company that could do so it would be Microsoft, due to their vast lead in the gaming platform and millions of dedicated Xbox Life members.

No real details on the service came out with the announcement, although you can expect it to have its share of on demand, as well as live programs as well.

But the big question remains is will people shell out on top of all other subscriptions to enjoy this service?  If it can rival the cable/satellite experience they might.  And with Netflix’s dominance on the streaming world showing cracks in recent weeks, it seems like the perfect time for Microsoft to jump into the fray.

Will it be successful, that remains to be seen.  They certainly have the customer base to make it so.  But it all boils down to content.  If Microsoft can provide entertaining, and relevent shows that people want to watch, it could bode well for those of us that have been thinking of cutting the cable for good.

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