Last year around this time we lit up the world-wide web with a series of articles to help you be better prepared for the pending Zombie Apocalypse.  What… it could happen.  It was written in all fun, but was surprisingly picked up as a means to great personal joy for many of our readers.  For those of you who may not have been on team WGUB last year, we are happy to bring back from the dead… the series that rocked the brain munching casbah (with some updates of course).  Undead beware… we’re arming up to the hilt to take you on!!!!

I know, I know… with Halloween comes the usual hullabaloo about Monster-this and Zombie-that.  However, let’s just say for a minute that the end of the world as we know it does come about in the form of hordes of zombies slithering around town looking for your brain to munch on.  Be it a comet, secret Government experiment gone wrong, crazy mad-scientist, rip in the fabric of space or wrath of you-know-who… what now?

If you weren’t part of the initial take-down you’re either about to become a McZ’s Happy Meal… or you’re going to be a survivor taking on this creepy new world.  Tell me… which would you rather be?  Thought as much!  I too would rather build a little tree city high above the grips of the un-dead and live a meaningful (and long) life.  So, we cracked open the internet sitting before us… dug deep into the research in ways that only we know how… and found a treasure chest of things to help you survive a full blow Zombie Attack!!!!!  Throughout the day we’ll round-up a “Zombie Survival 101” guide with a bunch of helpful tips, and gear, to help you and your loved ones survive…

A Zombie Apocalypse!!!