We mentioned, not long ago, that we have a little something special for the individual who recommends us to the largest number of people on Facebook. Here’s what we said:

Hello Facebookers… feel like sharing the love? (aka tell people about us and have them become our friend) Do it… tell us about it… and maybe we’ll pick one of you and give ya a little somthin-somethin. Okay, we will for sure… no “maybes”. PS… have you checked out our actual site yet?

… and I have to say, you guys are not messing around!  We dug into the WGUB treasure chest and found a few things we thing are amazing, and worthy of sharing.

For the person who can bring us the largest number of new friends, we are happy to give (as a big thank you) the A.O. F.A.S.T. 3.0 folding blade (Worth $75).  A great additional to the WGUB arsenal… and the perfect tool for you too!

As an additional “Mad Props” for you die-hard friends out there… we would like to also give a thank you to the person who brings in the 2nd largest number of new friends.  As a “Thank you” we’re giving that person a gift certificate to our favorite clothing maker… $25 to Nau.

These are both great treasures to us at the White Glossy Underground Board… and we hope you love them too!!  We are calling a winner at the end of this week, so keep on mentioning us… and we’ll keep spreading the love!