A few weeks ago we put our Facebook friends to task.  We asked them to reach out and, if they really did enjoy what we had to say, invite as many people as they could to drop by and also become our friends.  Wow!  We had no idea we were being so well received!  In a matter of a few weeks we went from about a dozen, to over 80 bright and smiling faces.  Our goal is to bring you the best stuff we can find throughout the day, thoughtfully written and designed to make those few moments in front of your screen a little bit more enjoyable.  Hell, we even hope for a chuckle now and then!!!  I digress… we had such a great response that we decided to change it up a bit and offer a first and second place reward to the individuals who brought us the most fresh meat souls friends.  It was close, but our 1st place guy put on the big gloves and came out swinging!  The winners are (Drum-roll Please Barbara):

1st Place – Michael Rose (and HERE is his prize)

2nd Place – Suzanne Hacker ($25 gift card HERE )

We are so incredibly grateful to both Michael and Suzanne… and look forward to a great many more posts moving forward.  And hey… keep your eyes open friends, this won’t be our only rodeo!