Have I seen this movie yet?  No.  Do I want to?  Absolutely.  How do I think it will go… I imagine it as:

I will walk away from this movie not totally understanding what I just witnessed… but oddly loving every moment of it.  I think it will be something like dropping LSD while reading comic books and playing video games… then bumping into some of my sweet baby’s ex’s.  There will undoubtedly be good music involved (as with most any Michael Cera movie), his kung-fu will be strong and I may even think he pulls off a bad-ass decently well.  What else… hmmmm… we already think Mary Winstead is pretty dope and will like her a little more.  And I imagine I may even end up buying the soundtrack.

Any thoughts from all of you WGUBers?  We’ll have the full review later this week… until then, get your movie on!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World