That quote says it all.  And it is on the box when you open it to unveil heaven in a box.  You can almost hear a far off harp playing and angels quietly singing as the light from your  desk lamp glints off of these golden beauties.   To say the least, we were excited to try out these ear buds and the excitement was not wasted at all.   We give you the Monster® Turbine™ Pro Gold Audiophile In-Ear Speakers. 

Usually we take a bit of pause when it comes to Monster products.  It’s not that they are not some of the highest quality products out there, it’s just that sometimes the price of some of their products is just hard for the ordinary consumer to hit.  Well, we say throw all caution to the wind and break your budget for these BAMF’s.  (That would be Bad Ass Mother F’ers for those of you not in the know.)   At $299.99 you might be saying to yourself you can get cheaper ear phones.  Well of course you can.  But will they sound as good as these?  Doubtful.

We put these to the real test with varying types of music.  Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, and Spoken Word.  All were crystal clear.  The bass was true.  The highs were nice.   The mids were crisp.  Well, they are great just sitting here plugged into the Iphone, but how about if I was walking around? You can tell these are of good quality cause you don’t get that cord knocking sound when you walk around.  So we put it to the real test, and took a jog.  Yeah, nothing there either.  The only thing we heard is our heavy breathing and sweet music.  That’s not to say we recommend these for sweating to the oldies at the gym, they might be a bit too nice for that.  We found ourselves anxious to get on a plane and see how good the noise canceling feature was.  Just sitting in the office, you couldn’t hear much around you. 

Lots of nice bang for your buck (or bills in this case).  You get a nice travel case to protect these suckers, about half a dozen ear tips so you get the most comfortable fit in your ear.  And Monsters Life Time Warranty. 

They say these are for pros and serious Audiophiles.  We couldn’t agree more.