Few gifts have been bestowed on me that have blown me away.  But this simple little bar tool is one that I grew to love right out of the box.  As most oenophiles (that’s a person that loves wine) know to get the best out of your red wines, you need to let them breathe and open up from being in the bottle.  Ideally, you would be able to throw them in a nice decanter for a few hours and let them release their majesty.  But in cases that you can’t, you need the Vinturi: Essential Wine Aerator

This tool is about as essential to have as the right glass for your wine.  Simple to use, with so much to gain.  This little gadget aerates your wine as you pour the wine through it into a glass.  Infusing it with the life blood that opens bouquets and tannins in your favorite bottle of red wine.  It comes with a removable screen to screed off any sediments as well.  

For those that drink wine regularly, you will always have their favorite wines, so you know what you are going to get.  But at times you take a flyer at a new bottle of wine, only to find it sub par at best.  Again this gadget can breathe (no pun here) new life into a wine that isn’t the greatest.   It’s not going to turn Strawberry Hill into Wild Horse by any means, but it will make swill into something that is drinkable. 

The company has two versions of this great product, a red and a white aerator.  They both come with specialized dimensions and flow rates, to maximize their effect on the wine you are using. 

Where can you get these?  Most wine stores should carry them if they are worth their salt, but if not you can order one here.