S0, you thought dropping a few thousand bones not long ago on that sick TV was a great “investment”, and that there was no way it’s awesomeness could be topped for at least a year.  WRONG!

Introducing the Samsung 65″ LED HDTV with 1080p & 3D ($6,000).  The biggest, most bad-ass TV that $6k can get you (well, today anyways).

Web connected “Apps” for streaming all kinds of gooey yumminess.  3D (while this is the new standard… it still blows me away).  Integrated Skype for video calling (Whoa… that’s new!). 240Hz.  And TOOOOOONS of other unreal specs that make this truly the TV to be desired.  But I’m not selling my car or antique collection of Atari gear to buy it.  Plus from their picture it looks like it might spill water all over your house.  Lame!

So if you have more money lying around than you really know what to do with… can I have some?  Also, buy the TV… it looks cool enough.