A few months ago my personal computer did that thing which induces sleepless nights and makes you check and double-check yourself like that crazy OCD guy from Double Dare… it Crashed!  (This is a Windows PC, by-the-way).  I freaked out a little… calmed back down… thought of the cost behind replacing certain software… then it hit me.  My music and movies!  I dashed to my external hard-drive (of course I have one… I’m not stupid) and discovered that somehow, the one file that housed all of my valuable 80’s ghetto rap & Mannhiem Steamroller live at Red-Rock canyon dance remixes were G-O-N-E.  And I don’t mean, pay some uber-nerd $500 to recover then gone,  I mean GONE people!  So I start to cry like a Chandler Bing when he finally learned how to cry (blatant “Friends” plug)!  I just downloaded “Hot Tub Time-Machine” and hadn’t even watched it yet!  And it had been waaay too long since I laid down some serious “Sublime” action.

After I wiped away my tears I started frantically searching online and stumbled across some nimrod in a random chatter-board that mentioned a one-time total re-download for iTunes.  Tires screeched… threw it in Reverse… what did he just say?

So I gloriously typed w-w-w-a-p-p-l-e-c-o-m clicked about 4 times, submitted a customer service request… and after a few information exchanges I re-downloaded all 900+ songs/movies/tv-shows/apps I lost.  Needless to say, I now have a better back-up agent… and a new computer.  But knowing that Apple saved my ass makes me even that much more endeared to them.  Viva la APPLE!