I’m sure you’ve all asked yourself from time-to-time… “How can I be a better Superhero”.  Well, with these helpful tools you can better your tight-wearing self… as well as those around you (who have to look at you wearing tights).

Starting with your daytime persona’s disguise… let’s up, up & away ourselves over to the Matt Singer Secret Identity Eyeglass Kit ($40) where their slogan is “Strive to be Boring”.

Next is a very in-depth How To Batman” series by the giddily plump Shark Baby.  You’ll be able to see him chronicle such incredibly important Batman skills such as: “How to Review the New Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell“, How to Kill Your Career Again“, “How To do Your Laundry” & “How to Apply for the Amazing Race“.  All done while carefully disguising his true identity (although I think he resembles a millionaire playboy I once knew).

I feel as if I may have already given away too much.  For more information on how to better dress and act like an appropriate superhero, please contact your local chapter of the National Association of Superheros.