Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of the Blackberry…  I had a Treo back in the day, and moved over to the iPhone when it became available.  I’ve had many friends get carpel-tunnel of the thumbs and often refer to their phone as the “crackberry”… but for some reason have always had a huge sour-taste in my mouth for their line of phones.

But, at the WGUB we understand that not all of you can handle the same awesomeness that we can… and have likely fallen victim to the blackberry addiction.  If this is you, I have good news!  There is a new player in town… and it’s the BlackBerry Torch ($200-ish) Running their brand new BlackBerry 6 OS.  Checking out their product page… I have to admit it looks pretty bad-ass across the board, and is a HUGE step up from their two recent models (both sadly missed the point all-together in my opinion).

Don’t get me wrong… I will never give up my iPhone 4!!!

So, if you simply hate Apple and all of their wonderfulness (it’s a word), then I suppose this would be a great alternative.