Are you one of the numerous d-bags that walk around all the time with your Bluetooth headset in your ear?  Since you haven’t gotten the memo that you should only use those things in your car, why not make a bit more of a fashion statement by picking up a new headset from Earloomz.

Earloomz is taking the Bluetooth headset to a whole new level, with styles that will fit into just about anyone’s fashion sense.   The headsets, which will be available in early 2011 are being debuted at this year’s CES show and will retail around $70.   With over 400 styles (and growing) already available on their site for pre-order, surely you can come up with something creative to stick in your ear.  No, not a pencil…or your finger…It’s got to be an EarLoomz sucker!

Bluetooth headsets have never been considered “cool.” They’re a necessity, required by law in many states.  But no one likes conformity.  So, Michael Sherman, Sidney Richlin, and Ashley Fox; a group of young, hip, seasoned entertainment and toy professionals that live by their cell phones and have worked closely with artists such as Lady GaGa, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Keyshia Cole, Jessica Simpson, and Destiny’s Child; put their heads together to consider what sets celebrities apart from the crowd – style, individuality, and personality.  Earloomz are more than just a cell phone accessory – Earloomz combine advanced Bluetooth technology, superior comfort, functionality, and pop culture images and artwork to be the stylish extension of one’s personality.

Earloomz Bluetooth headsets feature more than 400 different designs of licensed art, pop culture icons, entertainment properties, cartoon characters, sports teams, and original commissioned artwork. There will be a style to fit everyone’s personality whether they are infatuated with a popular recording artist like Lady Gaga, pop-culture icons like Paul Frank, sci-fi, celebrated movies, NBA sports teams, classic cartoon characters, skulls, or even cheetah prints.  Earloomz allows Bluetooth users to express their individualism and share their passions while staying hands-free when in the car or on-the-go.