Are you the extreme minimalist, that both rides a bike & reads, who enjoys making your shelving work for its wall space?  Then we have the perfect item for you my friend!  The Bike Shelf (Walnut $300/Ash $275).  The dope cats at Knife&Saw have taken some of your favorite things that start with the letter “B” to a whole new level with their combination bike & book shelf.

Simple idea?  Yeah… but did you think of it first?  NO!

Here is a little more about the Bike Shelf, as described by the makers, and a few more pictures:

Made from solid wood (in this case, Walnut) and suspended by a solid steel square rod mount, this shelf can hold both your bike, as well as anything else you want on it quite easily. If you want to just showcase your bike, that’s fine, but if you want to utilize the space for books, flowers, bike accessories, etc., that’s what it’s there for.