Christopher Nolan

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The LA Times recently interviewed “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan about the upcoming third Batman movie.  Nolan, who is notorious for playing things close to the vest, did let it be known of a few things related to the film.

The title for the third installment of Nolan’s Batman franchise will be called, The Dark Knight Rises”.   Also Nolan has eliminated a few of the villains that many thought would be featured in this film.  He nixed the idea of The Riddler as well as Mr. Freeze.  Even had he featured these super villains in the upcoming movie, they would have been polar shifts from Jim Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s portrayals of the villains in previous movies. 

Also, Nolan confirmed that he won the argument with Warner Bros. executives on the issue of shooting the film in 3D.  Nolan instead wants to focus more on shooting in high-definition IMAX instead.  We couldn’t be more happy with this, since the current 3D craze has kind of cheapened the experience of the 3D movie.

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