Like me… I’m sure there are moments during the day where you stare blankly into the distance, waiting for Ed McMahon’s ghost to walk in with your $1 Million Dollars!!!!  Or… you want to “look” busy because you just can’t bring yourself to type one more Memo about remembering to clean up after yourself in the break-room.  Bleck!

For the next moment like that, I suggest staring loving into the stars.  “But WhiteGlossy… where I work there is only one star in the sky… and it’s so bright that I can’t see any other ones.”  Fine, smart-ass, no need to be mean.  What I was talking about is the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope (Noob).  You can pick constellations, shapes, designs or ride on the coattails of people way smarter than us and check out amazing photography that has already been snatched up.  Regardless of what you do… the heavens await your gaze.