It’s Friday Bitches… is what you’ll be saying in just two more days.  For now, that damned Monday & Tuesday are finally behind us.  This week has been humming with all kinds of great Hollywood news so we’ve done our due diligence, stacked all of our tidy powdery glory in sexy little rows, and we’re ready to snort down the super-yummy edition of today’s Hollywood Crack!

Anne Hathaway: It’s official, Warner Bros announced this morning that Anne Hathaway will take on a major role (heavily rumored as Catwoman) in the third installment of the gritty Batman relaunch “The Dark Knight Rises“.  They also told us that Tom Hardy will take on the role of the backbreaking villan Bane.  Back to Anne… can we all get a screaming loud heartfelt AMEN for this announcement?!?!?!  The Lady Hathaway in a skin-tight catsuit tossing her whip around and oozing dominatrix-style sensuality.  Ummmm…. I’m gonna be back in a few minute… just, errr… carry-on.

Regis Philbin: As any daytime TV junkie already knows, Regis Philbin has made the official announcement that he is retiring from “Live!” (after 23 years).  What a career… He launched one of the biggest gameshows since Wheel of Fortune (“Who Wants to be A Millionaire“), has a ridiculously popular daytime talk-show with “Live With Regis & Kelly” and many other guest hosting appearances.  When is he cutting ties?  We have until the end of Summer to enjoy quite possibly the oldest man on TV, after that… I’m sure he’ll pop up from time to time.  I say we make his guest spots a drinking game. SHOTS!!!

James Bond: At this point there aren’t any official announcements, but it’s very exciting to know that several movie studios are doing the big pitch for Bond… James Bond.  Movie houses want to pick up where MGM can’t (due to the bankruptcy).  Exciting to know that one of the classiest action heroes of all time will absolutely be back!!!!

Law&Order: LA: Big fan of this show?  I have to admit, I’ve never been a big L&O watcher… catching the shows every once in a while if nothing else was on… but for some reason I really enjoyed watching the West Coast version.  Well, once again… those of us with good taste in TV are screwed.  Kinda.  NBC says that it is not cancelled, but due to some casting changes and an unavailable time-slot where they were going to move it, the show will return at a later time.  Maybe they’ll bring it back next year… along with CBS’ “The Eleventh Hour” & “Mr Smith” or NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip“.