If you haven’t tracked down this alcohol-infused manna from heaven then you have been seriously missing the best damn drink since the invention of the margarita!!!!  Too much?  How about since the invention of Pepsi Cola!    You think I’m joking?  I have NEVER been a hard alcohol sipper… I rank that kind of badassery up there with Hells Angels, guys that carry unregistered firearms and women who give birth without drugs… but this stuff, this stuff makes me feel like a nail chewing booze sipping sonofabitch.  It’s as awesome as awesome gets in the booze world… and it’s everywhere.  You don’t even have to search it out.  I saw it in 3 different places over the weekend (not that I went to 3 different liquor stores this weekend… that’s errrr… a little excessive).

Anywho…. buy it, drink it, love it… and feel a bit more manly because dammit, you’re sipping on Jack Daniel’s.

They even made a fun little video for the world to check out.  Enjoy: