What self-respecting man doesn’t?  This divine piece of swine is known for its versatile and great taste on just about everything.  Burgers, pizza, pasta, steak, ice-cream, and breakfast.  America has a love affair with bacon.  Well we have collected some treats that you might like to pass on to your favorite bacon lover out there…Or us if you don’t have anyone else to send it to.

Want to give the gift that gives all year-long?  Step it up a notch from Clark W. Griswold’s boss, don’t give the jelly of the month club, give the bacon of the month club!  Savenor’s Bacon Society 2011 ($10-$140) will send out a different bacon every month beginning in January.  You can choose as many or as few months as you want. The whole year will run you around $140 dollars, which isn’t that bad for different bacon experience dancing across your pallet each month.

As we stated before, bacon is versatile.  If you’ve never had bacon alongside a sweet treat you either really, really care about your health or you just are not living much.  Either way, tis the season to treat yourself.  We recommend treating yourself with some chocolate covered bacon.  These Peanut Butter Bacon Cups ($13) are a nice start.  You get the greatness of three items, chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon.  They are the virtual Three Musketeers of yummy goodness.   Have a pesky peanut allergy?  Don’t fret cause we got you covered.  You can skip the peanut butter all together and get some plain old chocolate covered bacon as well.  Marini’s Chocolate Covered bacon ($11) is some kind of delight that you just can’t pass up on.   In either Milk or Dark chocolate flavors, you have some nice options for your taste buds.

Another hard day at the office? Of course we all have them, and what better way to relax then a nice tasty adult beverage.  Why not kick off your shoes, grab the drink shaker, and pour your self a martini?  Sure, sounds good.  But how about a bacon flavored martini?  Bakon Vodka ($30) offers bacon infused spirit great for the occasional speciality cocktail.  They have a recipe page about a mile long spinning such cocktails as the Bakon Mary, Bakon Chocolate Martini, and the Waffle Shot.  Want to try it on steak?  No worries, they have it covered with the recipe for Bakon Vodka Marinated Steak.  We are pretty sure that this steak would be the best…steak…ever..

Of course we at theWGUB always preach the art of being prepared.   Be it camping supplies or a pending Zombie apocalypse.  And one way to be prepared is to have your shelves stocked full of food to eat.  And bacon of course.  From our good buddies at Thinkgeek comes Tac Bac-Tactical Canned Bacon ($16.00).  Each can includes 50 slices of pre-cooked bacon and has a shelf life of over ten years.  As if you could wait that long to eat it!  Wither or not you use it for long-term survival when the world ends or just for a late night gaming binge, what is better than bacon in a can?  We can think of only one thing.  Sex.. Lots of sex…With supermodels….