From moment one of this movie we get to see one of the sexiest women in Hollywood get her ass handed to her in a school of hard-knocks kinda way.  Yes, it did turn me on… but not in a misogynistic kind of way… more of a “hot damn this chic keeps taking it and dishing it right back out” sorta way.

Side-Note: This is not the story of once rich and creepily spoiled Veruca Salt, back to exact her revenge against the twisted chocolate empire that nearly destroyed her fathers peanut packing plant.   That movie comes out next summer.

… Continuing on… Here’s a quick synopsis:  CIA officer Evelyn Salt has her loyalty and love for our Red, White & Blue put to the test when a defecting Russian Intelligence officer calls her out as a super-mole quietly waiting for her opportunity to strike against high-powered US officials.  Is she, or isn’t she, a loyal American is put to the test… and the winner is you. This movie has more twists than a bad chubby-checker impersonator (some obvious, some not-so-much), but all-in-all I felt it was time well spent.  My personal philosophy is this:  If I walk away from a movie entertained, and having just enjoyed myself… regardless of how far fetched it may be… then it was time well spent.  If I leave still tense and a little sore from teetering on the edge of my seat… then it was time very well spent!  This movie, we’ll put somewhere in between those two.

Bottom line, if Jason Bourne and Evelyn Salt hooked up, they would produce the next generation’s Chuck Norris.  This chic can DANCE suckas, and that alone was money well spent.  Oh, and it’s ANGELINA-FUCKING-JOLIE!!!!!  Nuff said queers!

Final Word – Just go see it and shut the hell up.