Okay, so that is probably just my opinion… but it’s a damn good one people!  If you haven’t at least listened to the Amazon or iTunes 30-sec versions of these songs you are seriously missing out.  You know what… go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait.  Then you can keep reading.  Here’s the link

So?  Are they not the coolest?!?!  Call it Pop, Alternative, Rock, Stylistically Technical Awesomeness (ok, that last one was mine)… however you want to try and describe them, my feelings are that Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (album “Phoenix”) are without-a-doubt the latest group to keep your eye on.  In fact… put these guys and Broken Bells on a play-list together and hit shuffle.  Then prepare for ridiculous ear-stroking bliss that will feel like what, I imagine, an ear orgasm to be like.  Hmmmm…. sounds nice doesn’t it.  Who’s your music pimp?  That’s right, I am!  And don’t you forget it!!!

Now go and buy the album… and none of that illegal downloading shit from you pirates!  These guys work hard to make this music for you, let them know you enjoy it the right way.  With cold hard cash!