Yeah, we post about all kinds of neat gadgets and tidbits of what is going on in the world.  But sometimes we like to discuss the simpler things in life.  And in this moment, I am going to discuss a simple thing that is near and dear to most men out there.  The morning shave.

After being a Gillette man for all my life, I figured it might be time to change.  Shaving has always been one of those things that I hate to do, but put up with.  I tend to rush through it, which leaves parts of my face and neck looking like something that has come out of meat grinder.  I’ve tried a lot of products that Gillette has put out and not ever been impressed.  And the cost of their blades feels like a kick in the nuts every time I have to drop 10 dollars for four blades.  This wouldn’t be an issue if they lasted more than a week or two (for me it was closer to a week.)

While catching some TV a few weeks ago, I saw a commercial for a Schick Hydro, and along with it came a tag line for a free Schick Hydro for visiting their website.  Well, we here at the Underground just about crap our pants for free stuff, so I figured I wasn’t about to let that opportunity pass me by.  I went down to my local Target and picked myself up one.  I personally got the three blade version, but it also comes in a five blade variety.  My reason behind the three blades was price point on the refills.  $6.99 vs. $10.99 respectively.  For a pack of four refills, I figure that is more that reasonable.  Not expecting much from the blade, I went through my normal shaving routine the next Monday morning, and was immediately impressed.  What a close shave, and no irritation at all.  Even against the grain, the great taboo of shaving!

But here is where I am sold and truly impressed.  I haven’t changed my blade in three weeks.  I am still getting a great shave after over 20 uses.  I think the real secret lies in the moisture strip on this bad boy.  It just doesn’t seem to run out.  It might be that I coupled it with a nice shave cream (Neutrogena Men® Sensitive Skin Shave Cream) that is helping the cause.  Either way, this razor is something to consider if you are a guy with a tough beard.

About the only drawback of the 3 blade model is it is a little rough to get sideburns even.  The moisture strip kind of gets in the way for getting those even.  The 5 blade does come with a precision trimmer, so it might be worth picking up just for that reason.  For me, it isn’t a deal breaker.  I’m sticking with the 3 blade.

I would like to hear how this razor compares to the new Gillette Fusion razor, since they both came out at the same time and both have had a fairly aggressive ad campaign.  If any of our fans has tried it, I’d love to hear how you feel.

PS, the free Hydro is available until August 18th, so take advantage of it!