Once I found out I would receive a Sodastream maker for testing I started hinting about it on our Facebook & Instagram pages.  Why?  I did this for one reason… to find out if all of you had the same question as I did… and, indeed, we were all on the same page…

“Does the Sodastream soda you make at home taste anything like the stuff I can buy?”  The quick response… Yes… and No.  (Don’t you hate it when I do that?)

There are several different options to choose from (color, style, tech, etc.)… but the unit I specifically tested was the Sodastream Fountain Jet ($79.95).  To answer the above question: Ultimately, no… the syrup that you can purchase (and you get “starter packs” of with your machine) doesn’t really taste like Coke© or Pepsi© exactly.  But… it is good!  But that’s not really where the true greatness of the soda stream lies… nay, that little gem revealed itself after 5-6 attempts and when the real “experimenting” came into play.  These carbonated beverages that you make are fully customizable!!!  Let me explain further:

Are you somebody that likes to indulge a little more in the liquidy/sugary brilliance of syrup?  Do you sip on an ice-cold Coke Classic© and wish it were a little… “more”?  OR… are you on the opposite end of that spectrum?  Do you hate the overly heavy feeling of a Pepsi© and wish you could cut down the sugary overload a tad bit?  BOOM!!!!  Sodastream!!!  You add as much, as little, or the perfectly recommend amount of syrup that your heart desires.  Whuallah… your perfect drink (and believe me… it’s surprisingly easy to figure out exactly how much is your perfect amount pretty quickly).

Let me go even further into the greatness behind the Sodastream.  Carbonation.  I love to chew ice… yeah, yeah… too much sexual energy… duh!  How do you think this site came about?  Anyway… I discovered (kind of by accident) that carbonated water is much easier to chew than regular water when frozen.  Dramatically easier to chew!!  And… there is no need to pump the suggested 3 Pumps of CO² into the bottle if I’m simply using it for a little extracurricular chomping.  And… it’s even a lot easier on yea ole pearly whites!  (jeez… how many “And’s” am I going to start a sentence with in the write-up?  My English professor would be proud!!)  On the reverse side of that fizzy equation you’ll find my other vice in life… a tasty libation.  Few things in life mix together as well as soda and booze, but… sadly… liquor has one nasty affect on soda-pop.  It steals it’s fizz rather quickly.  🙁  Solution… add more CO²!!  Toss in an extra pump of gas and now your soda has a few extra bubbles and a little more fizztastic embrace for your favorite booze to settle in around.  You’ll get a bit more enjoyment… and a lot less “flattness”… carrying you through the night.

“But WhiteGlossy, what happens when your tank runs out of gas?”  Good question.  And a pretty easy response.  You get a refill!  Much like the propane tank on your gas BBQ grill… you simply take your empty tank into the closest retailer and swap it out for another.  And… the peeps at Sodastream have been nice enough to include a link on their site to find such places (including SEVERAL hardware stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart & even JC Penny)… find that map HERE.  If you’re more of a shop-my-mail kinda person though you can always do that on their site too.  If that’s the case though… I recommend getting a back-up tank.

The Bad.  Truly not a whole lot here.  But… that tank is a tad-bit small.  The first tank did seem to last us a while… but when tank #2 became necessary it felt like we cranked through it really quickly.  Was it less full than the original??  I wouldn’t imagine they would do that do us.  Maybe we’re just making way more than we were in the beginning (which is possible since discovering my new addiction to a softer, kinder and more effervescent tray of ice.)  At $15-$20/tank refill (depending on where you go… and any coupons) I go back and forth between the idea that this saves me money over purchasing a case of soda or carbonated water.

In the End.  I truly do believe that the Sodastream is worth the investment.  We don’t drink nearly as much soda as we used to around camp WGUB… but they also have a wonderful assortment of fruit juices and other flavors.  Sugar free… real sugar cane… etc. etc…. the options are endless (You can see them on their site HERE).  And, I can imagine the off-brand options are just around the corner (similar to the K-cups and Keurig machines… when the major coffee makers finally came around).

Final Words.  Buy it