Those wacky sonsofbitches at our all-time favorite place for covering your feet… Sanuk… are once again taking their mad skillz at creating great things and turning it viral (good viral, not bad oozing sneezing yucky viral).  They’ve done it before with the hard-hitting and journalistically pertinent Sanuk News (tee-hee) and now they are back, pouring awesome-sauce all over the latest internet trend of Shit people say.  But nay, dear nay-sayer… this is not just another re-purposed lame attempt at capitalizing on an internet fad.  This is comedy good buddies…. IT’S COMEDY!!!!!  And if you’ve ever said Sex Wax, Waddup Brah, Tubular (and not in TMNT kinda way) or Gnar-Gnar… then this is pure, unadulterated comedycomedycomedycomedycomedycomedy…..

Kick on the volume, huddle your friends around the screen and prepare yourself for Shit Surfers Say: