Hello to all of you wonderful White Glossy Underground Board readers!!!!!  I’m sure it was written on your calendar (in bold… circled in red… and highlighted), but just in case you missed the momentous occasion… this past weekend was our 6 Month Badassiversary.  That’s right… 6 months ago Paystee, Eggshell & I were just three guys who enjoyed long walks on the beach, football, nerd stuff & laughing.  We had a dream of a better future for all… and birthed the newest revolution in web-awesomeness.

Since then, thousands… nay, hundreds of thousands… nay, MILLIONS of you have heard the call for a better internet and joined the fight.  “But how is it possible you’ve only been doing this for 6 months White Glossy, you guys are so amazing” you ask?  Good question good buddy.  Good question indeed.

In honor of our 6 monthaversary we’ve decided that today and tomorrow we will re-post the first 2 days of our existence.  A kind of rebirth if you will!  Give you all a chance to reimage the beginning of an era, or if you were one of our first loves… allow you to re-enjoy the spark that lit the imagination dynamite!  To this day… some of these posts are still viewed several times a week. 

Enjoy the stroll down memory lane… we sure will!