Ok… so NBC’s “The Cape” premiered with its 2-hour launch last night (Missed it… you can catch-up HERE).  It was campy… cheesy… a little disappointing (ok, a lot disappointing)… and could have benefited from quite a bit more edge.  What I want to know is… what did you think?  Am I alone in my opinion?  It was kinda like a wanna-be Batman with an instant slew of retarded bad-guys. 

The funny thing is the first 20-30 minutes gave it some actual potential (albeit it was a bit rushed)… but then “The Cape” started to actually appear as a bona-fide superdude and it kinda fell apart.  It was almost like they tried to cram 4-5 episodes into 1, 2-hour “in-yo-face” extravaganza.  What ever happened to the build-up?  The slow grow to a great appearance?  Movies in the “old days” used to go almost half the film before seeing the alien, monster or bad guy.  Nowadays they pop up within the first few minutes.

Too much predictability!!!!!  They had the comic nerds already won over from the minute NBC said they had a new superhero-esque show (it was the potential re-do for screwing up “Heroes”)… all they had to do was take their time and give us something good.  Poop on you network TV.  You failed yet again.

Will I tune in next Monday?  Yes.  Why you ask, especially after such a crappy review?  It’s sadly common for these network yahoos to F’ up a premiere, but then iron out a pretty decent regular show.  I’ll give them a chance… but if this next episode is equally disappointing, WhiteGlossy out!