Every once in a while we come across something that makes us stop in our tracks and contemplate a better existence.  For me, that was a clothing company called Nau (No, not Northern Arizona University jackass).

Describing themselves as:

Nau (pronounced “now”) is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon. We make sustainable urban+outdoor apparel – integrated designs for the modern mobile life.

… these guys take something that everybody in the world (except for FREAKS) puts on every day and turns it a worth cause.  One that needs noticing! I first found out about Nau from a good friend we’ll call a passive tree-hugger, so i brushed them off and bought a hoodie from them just to appease him.  After wearing it about ONCE, I was instantly addicted.  I never thought clothing made of completely recycled products could be so stylish and comfortable.  I now own: 3 long-sleeve pull-overs, a bad-ass hoodie, 2 polos, a few t-shirts, 2 winter coats, a purse (for my, err, significant other) and most recently a wallet… and that collection is constantly growing.  Due in large part to their design efforts… and a little bit because I littered way too much as a teenager.

So, please don’t take this as one of those “save the universe” eco-babbles!  Nau is a great clothing company with sick styles and VERY comfortable wears first and foremost… then they back it with a very nice cause and, if my hunches are right, I think they have little children and nuns hug every item before shipping.  Because it just feels special when I put it on.

They also like to promote other worthy causes on their blog – HERE