Have you noticed we have been a little quiet lately? Well good friends, we are not out riding on Charlie Sheen’s coat tails (but we could if we wanted too) or in some Kraken/Four Loko induced coma. We are taking some time away to refocus our Zen to better serve you, our fans! While the day to day of our great site will remain the same, we are going to scale down, refocus our plan of attack and bring more in-depth stuff, while we get away from regurgitating a press release at you in the name of information.

Before you go running off in withdrawals, just know that we are still going to be here rocking the information, the funny, the random thoughts from our random brains..Just in a more controlled, and focused manner. But have no fear, we still reserve the right to bring the shock and awe that made us famous. So if you want the funny, we will have that. If you want the facts, we will have that. If you want the random post that sneaks into your brain like a Ninja and kicks you in the lymphoid system, yeah we will still have that! Stay tuned WGUB’ers, we hope that you like the direction we are going! Come along on the ride with us.