Here’s a quick glance at what is hitting the shelves on Blu-ray..

Resident Evil: Afterlife:  Yes, they made another.  But it is about Zombies.  And we love Zombies around here.

The American:  George Clooney is a BAMF.  Our review here.

Derailed:  From 2005, Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston star in this rather creepy psychological thriller.

And now here is the top 10 streaming movies from

  1. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse 2010
  2. The Long Kiss Goodnight 1996
  3. I’m Still Here 2010
  4. Arn: The Knight Templar 2007
  5. Chicago 2002
  6. City Island 2009
  7. Night of the Demons 2009
  8. Predator 2 1990
  9. Time Bandits 1981
  10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation