Here’s a quick glance at what is hitting Blu-Ray this week..

The MechanicJason Statham drives cars and blows things up.  I’m not going to say type cast, but if it pays the bills, go for it man.

The RiteSir Anthony Hopkins lends his talents to this movie about a skeptic catholic priest attending at school on exorcism put on by the Vatican.  Allegedly based on a true story.

The Other Woman:  Some chick flick. But it has Natalie Portman in it.  I’m sure we can suffer through it now.

The Roommate:  You might recall this movie from the late 90’s.   It was called Single White Female.

Now lets take a gander at the top 10 streaming movies via Netflix thanks to

  1. Ancient Aliens: Season 1 2010
  2. Blue Velvet 1986
  3. Howl 2010
  4. Stan Lee’s Superhumans: Season 1 2010
  5. The Hit 1984
  6. Ancient Aliens: Season 2 2010
  7. Rowan Atkinson Live! 1992
  8. Sex Machine 2005
  9. Swamp People: Season 1 2010
  10. Kick-Ass