I’m using this stuff.  Normally, I like to make up my own spice blends, just because it makes the whole experience a bit more authentic.  But for day-to-day cooking, I like to go to my back up.  I received a can of this a few years ago as a gift, and was immediately blown away by it.  Slap Ya Mamma Cajun seasoning really belongs in every grillers pantry. 

I was saddened when my first can of this ran out, so I searched upon their website and was greeted with their full lines of products that you can order and have shipped.  And all at reasonable prices.  I am most familiar with yellow can which is their signature blend.   I use this pretty much every time I grill chicken or filet mignon.   One of my other favorite applications is as a finish to baby back ribs.  Right after you have that last layer of sauce on, hit them with this.  It adds the heat to the sweet sauce.  Really will liven up the taste buds! I’ve even used it on grilled veggies.  In fact, I can’t think of one type of meat that I haven’t tried it on, frankly this stuff is very versatile. 

They do have a hot blend, which I would imagine isn’t for the faint of heart since the original blend can get up there in heat if used too heavily.  As well as a white pepper blend for a different taste altogether.  Upon my recent trip to the site to reorder (I usually buy a six-pack), I noticed that they are offering a pepper sauce as well as a sea food boil.   The newest edition appears to be a Étouffée Sauce that I am sure will knock your socks off.  If they are anything like the spice blend, then I’m sure they all taste awesome.

Don’t forget to check out the recipes on their site as well.  If you are a fan of Cajun cooking, I’m sure some of these are well worth the time to make up.  The Slap Ya Mamma Seafood Lasagna sounds like a perfect test drive for the Étouffée Sauce to me.