Yeah… yeah, blah blah blah… nobody f’ing cares about your stupid rate increases.  You’re both multi-billion dollar company’s with ridiculous amounts of money pouring from every orifice.  As a loyal DirecTV subscriber and all-around fan of most Viacom channels… F-CK YOU BOTH!!!!!!

I am the public… I am the average American guy… I am the guy that busts my balls for 11hrs a day with work/cooking/home-work with the kids/cleaning/etc, wanting to simply sit down and watch a damn TV show for an hour or two to unwind before bed.  Most importantly, I am the guy who religiously pays my bill on time, every month, month-after-month.  WHY AM I GETTING HOSED?!?!?!

I feel like an orphaned kid on the side of a road hoping one of the two giant mega-grocery stores can see it in their hearts to spare me a crumb.  What in god’s name has happened to customer loyalty and corporate responsibility?  If DirecTV is going to drop Viacom channels from their line-up… then great, just come out and say you’re going to so we (the American consumer) can make an educated decision towards our choice in entertainment.  But why let us all suffer because your lawyers are billing out $250/hour and are taking their sweet ass time getting the contract just right.  If it’s DirecTV’s fault… I don’t care; if it’s Viacom’s fault… I don’t care!  Just give me back my damn TV!!!!  Quit holding the American people hostage for your retarded mind-games.  

If you want to see the grudge-match in action you can see DirecTV Bullshit HERE… and Viacom Bullshit HERE.  

I’ve been fighting the final “cable cut” for some time now… but I will say this now with complete confidence… My Roku Box & Xbox360 are quickly becoming viable replacements for the bullshit that seems to happen more and more with satellite companies.  QUICKLY BECOMING VIABLE!