We’re guilty of it just as much as the next website geared towards bringing you the new and the awesome… we tend to sometimes go a little tech-heavy.  Granted… it is sort of our nerdspecialty.  However, the low-tech world is always kicking out some pretty cool stuff too… and it’s often overlooked.  That being said… it is, indeed, rare that we find someone who marries the old and new together with much success.  Rare… but not impossible.  And who better to take on the challenge of gaping such a multi-generational feat than Rickshaw (you can remember them from an earlier Review HERE).

Introducing the Smartphone Moleskine Folio ($50).  The absolute best we’ve found among those that have accepted the challenge.

So; What is the best damn smartphone you can think of?  Yeah, the iPhone4… that fits in here.  What is the best damn writing surface  you can think of for that old-school pencil on paper kinda stuff?  Yeah, the Moleskine journal… this is made for that!  Oh, and what company is known for taking their time to create an amazing product that will not only hold up under rough conditions, but do it with style? Yeah, Rickshaw… and they made this freakin thing!  It even holds your pencils, pens, biz cards and misc crap.  Dudes, if you are looking for something that will hold your little chicken-scratches and your smartphone, AND do it with badass style… stop looking and BUY THIS THING!

Not only does it look better than the yawn inspiring crap you’ll find at any local Office Depot, but we’ve taken our time to run ours through the damn ringer (including an impromptu game of frisbee golf using our new folio… and yes, I kicked ass) and it not only survived with nary a scratch… but with its color as vibrant as ever.  Hell, I even TRIED to rough this thing up… but it held its own.

I really don’t like to brag on any one product maker too much (Sanuk is clearly the exception to the rule) but the guys at Rickshaw are kicking some serious ass.  Yes, it’s a fairly new company… but I will not be surprised to see these folks blazing streets across the county in no time at all!  If you want to dip your toe in the proverbial awesomeness that is Rickshaw without dropping too much coin, this is a great way to get a feel for their craftsmanship and style.  Or… OR… you could just trust our judgement and blow your next paycheck on everything they sell.  It’ll be worth it.  Trust us.  Every item is made, by hand, in their San Fran warehouse.

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Here’s how Rickshaw describes their gear:

For those who still enjoy the craft of writing but need their digital life in tow, we offer the perfect pairing of your digital and analog life. Our Smartphone Folio will add some color and personality to your Moleskine journal, to match what you write on the inside.

Designed for the journaling enthusiast especially for the large Moleskine journal, our zippered Smartphone Folio features a slot for your Smartphone, two pen slots (sized for large diameter fountain pens and highlighters), a clear business card holder, secure interior zippered pocket, a clear interior rear pocket, room for a large Moleskine planner journal and a padded flap to protect the journal cover from the pen clips. It’s all you need for your daily excursions about the city, an adventurous jaunt overseas, or for that next board meeting. Assembled-to-order in our San Francisco factory.

– Interior pocket to fit your iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or other Smartphone
– Sleeves for two large fountain pens or highlighters
– Clear pocket for ID and smaller items
– Padded flap inside for cover protection
– Secure zip pocket for personal items
– Exterior fabric of your choice
– Fits Large Moleskine Journal

Fabric – Our solids collection is made with Cordura™ brand nylon, the classic “backpack” fabric, used for durable packs and messenger bags for over thirty years. The fabric is woven in the United States, and each commuter bag is assembled when you order it in our San Francisco shop.