We told you a few weeks ago that we were field testing the hell out of a bunch of dope new shades to give you a leg-up in the world of sunglasses (you can jog that rum-pickled brain of yours HERE).    Well, we’re done.  We have squinted and shaded our way through thick and awkwardly thin to come out on top with, what we think are, a clear set of superstars for your eyes.  Throughout the day today we will bring you the clear winners… the juggernauts of spec-taculousness… the shadestastically radical kings of the squint free mountain… the leaders… the legends… the sunglasses worthy of your time, and hard-earned money!!!!

The Winners of Sunglass Smackdown 2011!!!! 

Sidenote… we tested many more than what we are giving you today, but after giving the ole’ White Glossy try… they failed miserably and don’t deserve your time, or to grace our pages.